Fruit Cake With Different Flavors And Mouth Watering Taste

Everyone has heard and eaten cake; this is popular all over the world among the people of all age groups. Whether a baby, youth, adult or an old person they love to eat this dish and enjoy the sweet and lip-smacking taste. The cake is a dessert or a sweet dish that is easy to be cooked and can be prepared by using different kinds of ingredients. Fruit cake in Singapore is made by baking it from the ancient time but the procedure has changed with the passage of time and has improved.

Fruit cake Singapore Singapore

 According to the olden times it was modified bread but presently the scenario has changed and covers a wide spectrum. Since this blog contains content about cakes let the readers get a quick recipe of how to make a quick fruit cake so that they can surprise their friends and dear ones with this cake on their special occasions.

Ingredients for making a cake using fruits are:

Dark brown sugar, unsalted butter, eggs, light brown sugar, orange juice, brandy for brushing the cake, ground almonds, lemon, salt, baking powder, mixed nuts, chopped candies, mixed dried fruit and all purpose flour.

Add the fruits, flour, nuts, eggs, dried fruits in a bowl and stir for few minutes, then turn on the oven and prepare the pan, spread the batter in the pan and place it for baking. Check the batter after few minutes then leave the fruitcake to cool completely. Thus people can either make this at their home or they can count on to a Muslim-owned bakery in Singapore and get the cake baked for the special occasion.

Teneleven Cupcakes is a famous cake maker and supplier located in Singapore. The cake shop accepts orders for making different kinds of cake such as special event cake, cookies, wedding cakes, cake pops, cupcakes, mini cakes and so on.

Get in touch with them to place an order for birthday cakes, wedding cakes, fruit cakes in Singapore and also for corporate events. They use homemade recipes thus can create enticing tasting cakes to lure the eaters. Contact them now!


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