Celebrating events with customized cakes

To celebrate different types of occasion, cakes are an essential requirement. Cakes can be of different flavors (vanilla and chocolate being the most common) and shapes (rectangles, squares, and circles) and sizes (half pound, 1 pound or more). Nowadays cakes can be customized with a variety of factors – depending upon one’s taste and their choice of flavors and shapes. Customized cakes have really added to the joy of celebrating special occasions to a greater level.

Customized cakes can suit any occasion because these cakes are made on special request from the customer. The cakes are actually made according to the requirements of the customer. Most of the customized cakes are theme based. This type of cake is created on a specific theme which looks very pretty and cute. One can order for both the vegetarian and non- vegetarian customized cakes for specific occasions.

Orders for customized cakes can be placed in every bakery shop. Orders can also be placed via online portals. There are several service providers who deal with selling these cakes online. In fact, there are several online cake shops or bakeries which offer a wide variety of cake flavors and designs.  One needs to simply choose the flavor, color, and the design of their choice, provide the payment details and then they are done with the booking. One does not need to continuously slave over an oven to bake that perfect cake.

One can get the delivery of the customized cakes online at any time of the day thus making the event more surprising. Most of the cake service providers now also offer the decoration of dessert table during special occasions. The dessert table is draped with designing fabrics of the client’s choice and is completely covered with different types of desserts along with the customized cake that is especially meant for that occasion.

The cake specialists like TenEleven Cupcakes can bake and decorate the best cake for their clients along with providing decoration service of dessert tables in Singapore. One just needs to tell their requirement and provide the baker with specific cake designing tips.


Fruit Cake: A Holiday Essential Delicacy

A cake is something which is loved by both old and young people alike. A cake is one of the delicious treats which has a colorful history and carries a particular kind of tradition with it which spans even today. Cakes can be baked into different ways and with different ingredients. Starting from fruit cake to sponge cake, it is something that a person cannot resist. The fruit cake is something more than just a Christmas treat. Also, it is common among all the cake varieties. The fruit cake finds its origin from the Roman period. The mixture of dry fruits and nuts was considered as a delicacy by the people of that era and till today people go drooling over the name of fruit cake.

A fruit cake is made of several ingredients. Although the ingredients which are included in the classic fruit cakes may vary with the modern type, but it is generally battered and mixed together with some fine nuts (almonds, cashews) and a little bit of brandy or rum. It is truly said that holidays are almost incomplete without a fruit cake slice. It can also be regarded as a holiday cake since most of the people would associate this fruit cake with the Christmas season.

The cakes are nowadays baked according to the choices of the clients. The bakers now mix up the various themes and designs which make it easier for the clients to select their cakes for specific occasions. The cakes are customized according to the client’s requirements. Fruit cakes are common and popular in all the parts of the globe. Not only the English bakeries, but there are several Muslim- owned bakeries in Singapore which bake the best fruit cake.

There are several service providers who deal with selling customized cakes online. One just needs to tell their requirement and provide the bakers with specific cake designing tips. Cake delivery through online has a number of benefits associated with it.  TenEleven Cupcakes is one of the best bakers of Singapore who offer the best-designed cakes at affordable rates to their clients. The bakers now mix up the various themes and designs which make it easier for the clients to choose the best cake.

Fruit Cake With Different Flavors And Mouth Watering Taste

Everyone has heard and eaten cake; this is popular all over the world among the people of all age groups. Whether a baby, youth, adult or an old person they love to eat this dish and enjoy the sweet and lip-smacking taste. The cake is a dessert or a sweet dish that is easy to be cooked and can be prepared by using different kinds of ingredients. Fruit cake in Singapore is made by baking it from the ancient time but the procedure has changed with the passage of time and has improved.

Fruit cake Singapore Singapore

 According to the olden times it was modified bread but presently the scenario has changed and covers a wide spectrum. Since this blog contains content about cakes let the readers get a quick recipe of how to make a quick fruit cake so that they can surprise their friends and dear ones with this cake on their special occasions.

Ingredients for making a cake using fruits are:

Dark brown sugar, unsalted butter, eggs, light brown sugar, orange juice, brandy for brushing the cake, ground almonds, lemon, salt, baking powder, mixed nuts, chopped candies, mixed dried fruit and all purpose flour.

Add the fruits, flour, nuts, eggs, dried fruits in a bowl and stir for few minutes, then turn on the oven and prepare the pan, spread the batter in the pan and place it for baking. Check the batter after few minutes then leave the fruitcake to cool completely. Thus people can either make this at their home or they can count on to a Muslim-owned bakery in Singapore and get the cake baked for the special occasion.

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Professionals For Making Holiday Cakes

A cake is a delicious food which is easy to prepare and a common dish that people make all over the world to celebrate special events. Holiday cakes in Singapore were invented by grandmother and it is also a tradition of having cakes on the Christmas.  There are various kinds of recipes and ingredients that a person uses to bake the cakes. Every individual has two options, they can either make the cake by themselves or they can place an order with the specialists and get a lip smacking cake for the special occasion.


Popular cakes for vacations:

  • Italian cream cake
  • Black forest cake
  • Mom’s rum cake
  • Date nut loaf cake
  • Figgy pudding
  • Carrot cake
  • Sticky toffee pudding cake
  • Chocolate decadence Yule log
  • Fashioned gingerbread

There are lots of recipes for making cake and people prepare the flavor according to their choice not only to be consumed by them and their family but it is also for the guests. Cakes are used for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, graduation day, and summer vacation and so on.

It is usually the parents that make a cake for their kids in order to please and surprise them but when it is made for the special events people take help of the professionals to avoid any shortcoming and error in the taste.

Though there are lots of cakes makers in the industry pick the one that a person can depend on so that they can meet the requirement.  TenEleven Cupcakes is a popular name in Singapore because it is highly appreciated for making luscious and delicious cakes. The workers of this firm are trained and have years of experience thus cooks all kinds of cake and presents it to their clients.

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The Delicious Taste of Cup Cakes

The cake is a savoury food that has various shapes and different recipes. It is a sweet and soft item that is prepared from the mixture of eggs, flour, sugar, and fats. People may ice it, bake or decorate according to their choice with the delicious ingredients. Cakes have plenty of names and the difference is based on the recipe used such as fruit cakes, customized cakes, and cup cakes of Singapore that are very famous because of its delicious taste and easy recipe.

cupcakes of Singapore

The sweetest dessert is a cake and gives the toughest competition to pastries, pies, and other sweet dishes. People make cakes on special occasions to celebrate the event such as birthday parties, weddings, newborn and so on. One may visit the cake makers and purchase the ready-made cakes of their choice according to their taste.

People may also place an order for a customised cake or customized cupcakes. People prefer cakes because it is small and served to individuals. It is easy to bake and decorate these cakes and most importantly kids are very excited when these cakes are served on any special event.

Cupcakes are delicious treats that can be enjoyed on holidays and occasions. One need not be a professional cook to make cupcakes instead they simply need to know the procedure and use the correct proportion of the ingredients for getting the desired taste.

The cakes not only help one to enjoy the food and tantalize the taste buds but it also makes the party more enjoyable and interesting. There are several cake makers but Teneleven Cupcakes specializes in making cupcakes. They are exceptional for making beautiful and tasty cakes which are freshly baked and has the touch of the experts which gives a unique and delicious taste.

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